Anonymous asked:
So by your standards Cersei raped Jaime in the latest episode(he did not want to have sex in the beginning) so the two are even with the rapes now. I hope the shitstorm abou the sept scene will stop now.


I was going to let this ask slide with a sassy comment but no, no, no, let’s talk about why this ask is garbage. I can’t stand the idea of so many people really not understanding rape culture or the idea of consent, so here we go.

Consent is best achieved through verbal consent - that is obvious, and much preferred. I always prefer to watch a show where both parties say that they want to have sex, before they move further than kissing, and I respect that kind of writing. But the lack of verbal consent does not automatically make all sex rape. Here are some things that qualify as rape:

  • Someone said “no.” Once someone says no, consent is no longer an option and you HAVE TO STOP
  • If one party is too inebriated or not in the right mind to give their consent - so basically if someone is to drunk to think, and you have sex with them, that is rape because they were not in control of themselves enough to make a choice
  • If only or both parties are under the legal age of consent
  • Various fear and pressure techniques, including things like “you owe this to me,” “what did you think was going to happen,” etc

Those are some of the ways that you can classify rape - and not a single one was shown in the scene between Jaime and Cersei. He does not in the scene say no to them having sex. He says, “someone will come in,” which is hesitant and cautious, but does not imply a retraction of consent. After he said that line, he LITERALLY threw Cersei only a table and was on top of her. 

Let’s contrast this with the sept scene. Every moment of that scene, Cersei says no. She’s weeping. She’s emotionally compromised, because her son has just died. She says no repeatedly and holds onto the ground for purchase (maybe to get away, although Alex Graves considers THAT consent). That’s rape. Clear and simple. Anyone who says otherwise is either swimming in a sea of internalized misogyny or needs a better education.

But here’s the most upsetting thing about your ask - the idea that two rapes can even each other out. As if you can exchange them, like you would debts or maybe a slap to the face. That’s already a fucked up mindset but even then, it’s impossible between these two characters. Cersei is in no way physically capable of overpowering Jaime, and she does not say anything to him that would be manipulative - she does not say anything she does not mean. There isn’t a doubt in mind that the sex scene in the last episode was consensual. And that isn’t up to my standards. Consent is not a grey area - it is FACT. It’s fact that the Cersei and Jaime scene in the sept was rape. No matter how you try to talk around that, you can’t. 

And no, I certainly will not shut up about the sept scene now.


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